• Lihat         :    1001
  • Terjual     :    6
  • Kondisi     :    Baru
  • Berat        :    1.00 Kg

Spin the massive rotors of the powerful 3-in-1 Twinblade aircraft!

This Twinblade aircraft is literally revolutionary! Spin the rotor blades and lift off like a helicopter. Then rotate the engines 90 degrees and power forwards like an airplane while the dual tail fin ensures steady flight. With its red and white coloring and engine exhaust details, the Twinblade is easy to spot high in the sky. Back on the ground, use the ramp to access the cargo hold, and when you want a new challenge, rebuild it into an old-fashioned biplane or a speedy helicopter.

3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a biplane or helicopter
Features turning engines, large spinning rotor blades, dual tail fin, engine exhaust detail, cargo hold and a ramp
Adjust the engines for lift-off or smooth forward flight
Lower the ramp to access the cargo hold
Twinblade aircraft measures over 2 (6cm) high, 6 (17cm) long and 7 (19cm) wide
Biplane measures over 2 (7cm) high, 6 (17cm) long and 7 (18cm) wide
Helicopter measures over 2 (7cm) high, 7 (19cm) long and 2 (6cm)

Volume : 1kg

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