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Recreate one of the most iconic buildings in the world!

Recreate one of the 20th centurys most distinctive buildings with the Sydney Opera House model. Build the unmistakable shell roofline, waterfront forecourt and more with this authentic representation of Australias most iconic building. Employ a variety of new and advanced building techniques to recreate the complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing of the real thing! Collect lots of dark tan LEGO bricks including the rare 1x1x2/3 stud and 1x2x2/3 stud slopes, as well as a 48x48 stud baseplate in blue for the very first time!

Features advanced building techniques for complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing
Includes hard-to-find dark tan LEGO bricks, tiles and sloped bricks
Sturdy construction allows the model to be handled and moved
Build this model of a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
Collect the 48x48 stud baseplate, available in blue for the very first time
Recreate Australias architectural masterpiece!
Measures over 11 (28cm) high, 25 (63cm) wide and 15 (38cm) deep

Volume : 9kg

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