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Take the rocks down the track with the Deluxe Train Set!

Take LEGO DUPLO train building to the next level with the Deluxe Train Set featuring a cool modern train! Jump aboard the locomotive with real sound effects and fill up the wagons with rocks at the quarry. Then unload them with the working crane before fueling up for the next trip! Set features more than 64 inches of track, a bridge with tunnel, truck, DUPLO-brick stone quarry, building with working crane and lots of colorful DUPLO elements and 3 DUPLO figures.

Includes 3 LEGO DUPLO figures
Features modern DUPLO train with real sound effects, 2 wagons, truck, building with crane, DUPLO-brick stone quarry, tunnel/bridge section and lots more track
Decorated DUPLO elements include traffic light, fueling pump, fruit, tools, furniture, fencing and oil can
Extra DUPLO bricks and flowers also included
Stone quarry features DUPLO-brick stones, tipping function, door and window
Load up with rocks at the quarry!
Unload with the working crane
Operate the working crane winch
Drive over the bridge and through the tunnel
Refuel the train and hear the real sound effects!
Tracks do not conduct electricity and therefore are not compatible with LEGO 9V trains
For use with DUPLO trains only
DUPLO products are specially designed to be fun and and safe for younger hands
Includes over 68 (175cm) of track
Train measures over 3 (10cm) high, 5 (15cm) long and 2 (7cm) wide
Long wagon measures over 3 (9cm) high, 6 (16cm) long and 2 (6cm) wide
Short wagon measures over 2 (7cm) high, 6 (16cm) long and 2 (6cm) wide
Building with crane measures over 11 (28cm) high, 9 (24cm) wide and 6 (16cm) long
Stone quarry measures over 6 (17cm) high, 11 (30cm) wide and 3 (9cm) long
Fueling station measures over 5 (13cm) high, 6 (16cm) wide and 2 (6cm) long
Truck measures over 2 (6cm) high,

volume : 6 kg

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