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Create one of historys most fascinating and unusual buildings!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has a trademark tilt that has seen it reproduced on postcards and souvenirs all over the world. Now you can make this unusual building in LEGO bricks! Construction was started over 800 years ago when the Widow Berta of Bernado left 60 gold coins in her will that paid for the first stones and started the building of the Tower. Now you can build historys most famous bell tower and learn how the famous lean started. The instructions and enclosed booklet tell the story of the Towers fascinating history and how the 56 metre building began its journey into architectural history. This LEGO Architecture model makes a distinctive and fascinating addition to any desk, living room or bookshelf!

Fascinating LEGO reproduction of the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa
Includes a booklet that gives design and historical details on this amazing building in English and Italian. The booklet can be downloaded in other languages from
Collect all of the models in the LEGO Landmark and Architect series!
LEGO Architecture inspires future architects, builders and designers as well as architecture enthusiasts everywhere by using LEGO bricks to interpret famous structures
Measures 10.1 (25.9cm) tall, 4.4 (11.2cm) wide and 4.4 (11.2cm) deep
Designed by architectural modeler Adam Reed Tucker

Volume : 1kg

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